A child liveing in the ghetto

Does any one care when a small child is hungry and cries,

Who is there to wipe there tears?

When mommy is out smokeing drugs,

Who rocks them to sleep and tells them how much they are loved?

Does any one care when the kids in the ghetto goes with out,

They grow dealing ang stealing, cuz no one bothered to tell them they could get out.

Mommy sells her self on the streets,

Ain't seen your daddy in years cuz he is a dead beat.

Gave up on your dreams cuz noone belived in you,

It did not matter that you did not make any thing out of your self,

Cuz no one expected you too.

I wish that people woud see you don't want a hand out, you need a hand to hold.

And want some one to love you when your hungry and cold.

It would just take one person to show you that dreams come true,

But little child it is up to you.

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