Over the years

Mom I knew that over the years,

I have been the cause of countless tears.

I lost count of the tear I made you cry,

I know for I have witnessed the tears that fell from your eyes.

I can't take back the pain I caused you,

But I never ment to hurt you.

And as the years go by I look back on the mistakes I made,

I hope with every thing in me, that over the years the pain I caused you has started to fade,

And now that you are sick and I have started to accept that you will not always be here,

I try my hardest to hide my tears,

I have to be brave for you, I cant let you see how weak I realy am inside,

I wish in you I could confide.

But I can't let you know how truely scared I am,

I love you more than you will ever know your daughter Sam.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I love you more than I always remember to show, but i hope that deep inside you know

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