Christmas time agian

It is Christmas time again,

And my thoughts seem to find you again.

I think of the short time we spent together,

And how we was supposed to be together forever,

But I guess God had other plans,

Plans I am still trying my hardest to understand.

I know God knows best so I try not to complain,

And I try really hard not to place blame.

But I am only human so I find it hard to understand God's ways,

But I am thankful for his grace,

It's God's grace that I got to carry Houston for  5 months, But I get to carry him in my heart forver , that's his special place.

See in my heart he is never far,

Little man thats where you are.

I visit your grave and bring you a teddy bear,

It is just my way of letting you know I care.

Your grave looks so pretty with the falling snow,

Take care little my little man Mommy must go.

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