my time taken

I gave up so much of my life, my hopes and dreams just to be with you,

All for a love that you promised would always be true.

So I put my life on hold to be a wife and a mother,

Soon we spend more time by our selves that we do with each other,

It seems now all we do is fight,

So bound and determined, that we both have to be right.

More times than not the fighting is more than I can take,

But we stick it out, we tell each other it is for our son's sake,

I dont think that we are strong enouph to leave,

That, or we are just to naive.

I don't understand why nothing is the same,

We get so caught up in the blame game.

Maybe one of these days I will be strong enouph to walk out the door,

And we dont have to play this sick game any more.

I can close this chappter on my life,

And I can be a happy mother, instead of a miserable wife.

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