I can make it with out you

I use to think without you I was not me,

With out you I could not breath.

So I put up with all the hell you put us through,

Beliveing I could never do better than you.

But then I woke up one morning burses all over the place,

Dried blood and tears stuck to my face.

I knew I had to get out, I  had to leave,

Regardless of what you would have me to belive.

So I worked three jobs to make sure my kids had food to eat,

And a place over there heads, I was not about to let them live on the street.

They grew up, and I guess I did too,

Because I relized that our lives where alot better without you.

Now I am a happy and I have moved on,

You are just a part of my memory, I refuse to dwell on.

The kids have all but forgotten you, and that is that way it should be,

They don't need you, they have me.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

this is for all the battered women that are not afraid to get out and make a better life for them selves and their kids God bless you

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