Breaking free

The first time I seen you My heart skipped a beat,

Your smile was so sweet,

That moment seemed like an eternity,

But for that moment you belonged to me.

I knew I had to let you go,

If I kept you any longer some one might know.

But when they look at me my feelings have to show.

Walking away hurts so much,

Late at night I stay awake wanting your touch,

Some times I need you more than the air I breath,

And when you leave I wonder what will be left of me.

I try to hold you as long as I can,

I realize that you will never be my man ,

I am nothing more than some one to give you pleasure,

And to her I could never measure,

I wish that I could just walk away from it all.

But honestly with out you I feel so small.

You make me feel so alive so beautiful,

And me needing you this bad is really pitiful.

I know I need to brake away from this game we are playing,

I know that I will never win.

But I don’t want my heart to keep crawling back to you again.

When will my heart be able to brake free,

Will you ever be able to love just me?

And if you can’t let me go so I can move on.

I know I can live with out you , I am that strong.

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