You let me down

Everytime I needed you and you were not around,

Mama, you let me down.

Any time I needed to talk and you would not listen to me,

you put a wedge between you and me.

Everytime I cried out to you and you would not save me,

I grew a little more hateful and unhappy.

Everytime I cried at night and you pretended not to hear a sound,

Mama, you let me down.

Everytime I needed your comfort,

and you pushed me away from you.

You made me wonder if your love was genuine and true.

Everytime you let him beat me to the ground,

Mama, you let me down.

Anytime you chose him over me, I hated you a little more than the time before,

Everytime I was lost and wondered if I would be found,

Mama, you let me down.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Some time in our lives we all feel let down, thats not to say I love you any less. but mom some times you let me down

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