I try to sleep to ease that pain.

but I  find my self dreaming about you, and I wake up screaming your name,

I sometimes wonder if you miss me the way I miss you,

do you hurt inside like I do?

After all the shit you put me through,

I find my self wondering why I still love you.

All the things you told me, was it all lies?

Do you still see that pain when you look into my eyes?

Do you stay awake at night thinking about the past?

When some one mentions my name do you change the subject fast?

When you find yourself thinking about me, do the thoughts from long ago make you happy?

Will I always be a part of your heart and soul, and mind? or is our love a love that died with the passing of time?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

you know this one is for you but I dont really think you care....

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