I am

I am like a turtle,

Who is afraid to come out of his shell,

Because the whole world is telling me I am going to fail.

I am like a bug that runs from the light,

Afraid to get noticed if I don't do something right.

I am like a lighting bug,

Afraid to glow,

Because if I don't shine bright enough someone will know.

I am like an ant who carries the weight of the world on his Shoulders,

Because every one around me makes my little crumbs into great Big bolders.

I am a scared little girl,

Afraid to love, to trust, to forgive,

Afraid to go out into the world, afraid to live.

I am a fragile little tree afraid of the wind,

For I know when it blows I will be knocked down again.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

this is one of my very first poems

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