I hate the days you make me feel so small,

I hate the way I wait by the phone for you to call,

That I am always wondering where you are, and who you are with,

But it did not use to be like this.

This is not the way it use to be.

Once opon at time you made me so happy.

But now I cry my self to sleep most of the time,

thinking back on yesterday.

My world use to be so colorful, now all I see is gray.

I felt on top of the world back in high school,

Now I just feel like a fool.

You once told me that you would always be there for me, but where are you now?

Some where over time I think you must have forgotten your vow.

You will never see my pain or the tears I cry,

You will never know how much you hurt me because I am to full of pride.

I hope that no one ever hurts you as bad as you have hurt me.

Because I was destined to love  you for all of  eternity.

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