Sandy had the talent to do great things

She wanted to go out in to the world and see what this life brings,

But she learned way to fast that not all people are good,

She did bad things, not the things she should.

She wanted to fit in with the crowd,

Forgot all about what would make her momma proud.

Way to fast she threw he life away,

She ran away from home, even though she knew she should stay.

Now her momma cries, stays up all night, wondering if she is dead or alive, never far from the phone,

Wondering if her baby girl will ever come home.

She spends all her time getting high,

Never seeing the tears her momma cries.

Her momma wonders where she went wrong,

And why her daughter is not that strong.

Sandy  had a little girl and gave her away,

Not realizing the price that she would pay.

Nevaeh, cries her self to sleep, asking "Grandma when is my mommy comeing home"?

Why did she leave me all alone?

Why does my momy not love me any more,

Does she know it broke my heart to watch her walk out the door?

Maybe some day Navaeh will understand, that the drugs got the best of her mom.

And she was just like a ticking time bomb.

I hope that some day Sandy will see before it is too late.

Naveah will grow up , before she knows it , time will not wait.

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