Happy Mothers Day

Happy Mother's day is hard to say,

To a mother who's angel has flew away.

But it is important to say, you don't know how much they will think of you,

They need it more than you, ever know that they do.

They don't alway tell you that they hurt

They don't always let you know of the tears that they cry,

Or how many times over they years they have ask God why.

A mother is always a mother, even if there child is not here,

So please take the time to tell them how much they are loved,

They need it the most this time of year.

Some Mothers don't have children to give them flowers,

They don't have a child to give them a hug.

Sometimes they just need to know that you understand,

It does not take much, just be a good friend.

To all the mothers of children those who are here,

And those who are not,

I am takeing the time to say,

God bless you and have a Happy mothers Day .

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