What do you do after you have let foolish pride get in the way?
What do you say when there is nothing left to say?
How do you let go, how do you walk away?
How do you learn to accept the people you can't change? 
How do you forgive and forget the pain.
How do you heal the hurt of the past? 
Why does yesterday never last? 
How do you give up dreams that you know will never come true? 
If you can't miss me why should I miss you? 
How can you be so close but yet so far away? 
Even though I doubt it with do any good, why do  I continue to pray ?
Why do I keep getting my hopes up when I know you will only let me down? 
Why does my heart still want you around. 
How do you look forward if you are constantly looking back? 
How did we get so off track? 
How do I move on. How do I let go,
Please tell me because I don't know.

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