why did you leave me?

I have relived this nightmare more times than I can count,
Wondering what I could have done differentially, if there was anything I could have done more of,           
I did not know you felt like you were sinking with no way out.
Just because I never heard your crying don't mean I was not listening to you,
You never let on, I never knew.
I never seen it coming there were no signs,
Now I live with the regret, how could I have been so blind?
You left me with more questions than I have the answers too,
You left me with anger, I was so very mad at you.
Why did you have to leave me all alone?
Why did you leave me to raise our kids on my own?
You left me with a heartache that never goes away.
You left me with a longing I still miss you ever day.
You left me with the millions of tears I cry,
You left me, WHY?
You left me with memories that no one can ever steal,
You left me with love, I loved you then, I love you now, I always will.

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