Some days I miss you more than others and I don't know why,
And I can't stop the tears I feel I need to cry.
There are days my arms still long to hold you,
Only God and you know how much I miss you.
There are times I wonder how I keep from falling apart.
How do you go on living with a broken heart.
Some days it seems like you have been gone forever,
Some days it feels like you just went away.
Some days it hurts so much I can hardly make it through the day,
Some days I have to tell myself over and over I am going to be ok.
There are days I wonder what you think when you look down from heaven, what do you see?
Do you know how much you mean to me? 
There are days when out of the blue,
For no reason at all I am reminded of you.
There are days when I wonder if anyone else is missing you,
But please know today Some one remembers, because I do.
Today you are thought of,
Today you are loved.
Today I know my life was blessed because I knew and loved you,
Today I can remember you loved me too.
Today in my memory you live on,
As long as I remember you, You are never really gone.
Today in heaven, pass the clouds farther than I can see,
Lives my sweet angel who means the world to me.
© Wanda Faith Danielle Eitzmann

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