I know I do

I would give anything to know what you think when you find the time to think about me,
I can't help but wonder if you ever miss me.
Do you think of me and smile?
Do you wish we could talk, if only for a while? 
Have you ever picked up the phone dialed my number, and then stoped? 
Do you ever wonder if all this pain is worth it or not? 
I am not sure about you,
But I know I do.
Have you ever heard my name, and your heart skips a beat?
Have you ever had a memory make you feel weak.
Have you ever missed so so bad it hurts to breath, 
or wondered what ever  become of me ?
I if you asked me, I would lie to you,
But if the truth be told, you know I do.
Do you ever hear a song on the radio, and it reminds you of me but you can't help but sing along? 
You ever think about me and wonder where we went wrong? 
Do you dream about me and it feels so real,  like we are together again? 
Do you ever wonder about what might have been? 
As hard as it is for me to admit it to you,
I know I do.
Do you ever wonder if you ever saw me face to face what you would say? 
Do you ever wonder  why it had to end this way? 
If you knew then this is the price we would pay,
Do you ever think about me and wish we could have changed? 
I am not sure about you,
But I know I do.
Do you ever think about all the great times we had? 
Do you ever question how it all went so bad? 
When you think about me are the thoughts happy or sad?
Do you ever want to go back to what we had? 
Do you remember all the hurt and pain we put each other through? 
I know I do.
© Wanda Faith Danielle Eitzmann

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