If I could do it over there are only a few things I would change,
Because I know that everything I have been through made me who I am today.
I can look back and be thankful, and love myself, I know it has been a long hard road that has brought me to were I am today.
I am thankful for the little things,
I am thankful for the lessons life has taught me along the way.
I know when things look the darkest, if you look you will find the light,
That sometimes it better to let go of things that are not worth the fight.
People will let you down,
And turn thier backs on you,
But people can only hurt you for as long as you allow them to.
It can't rain forever, sooner or later it has to stop,
People like nothing better to see you fall down, when you reach the top.
It's hard to look in the mirror and see what others see,
As hard as it is for others to accept, the truth will set YOU free.
You can be your own best friend or worst enemy,
Depending on which side you chose,
In the game of life sometimes you win,
And sometimes you lose.
Although we may not always understand him, or his reasoning,
He may not always give you what want, he will give you what you need.
Not every one in your life is ment to stay,
You have to accept that if people continually hurt you, sometimes it is better to walk away.
If you can't love yourself,
you can't expect others too .
You have to stand up for what is right even if you stand alone,
Once you leave you can never go "home" .
When life tries to knock you down, you have to prove you are stronger,
Every day you have to tell yourself to hang on a little longer.
You best will never be good enough for some people, no matter what you do,
So stop trying to please others, and start pleasing you.
Some people will never see how far you have come, only that you still have a long way to go,
Prove the ones that say you will never be anything wrong, so you can tell them I told you so.
Don't judge others it is not easy to fill some one else's shoes,
Don't judge someone's life story based on the chapter you walked into.
Until you have lived some one else's struggle,
You will never understand all they have been through,
You never know until you have been there what you would do.
Don't think you are better than someone else because they sin differently than you,
And just because you heard it, don't mean it's true.
I am thankful for all the hard lesson time and pain  have taught me,
I am thankful for what adversity has made me.
I am thankful I have finally learned to love me,
The good, the bad, and the ugly.

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