more than PTSD

I wish I could remember who I used to be,
I wish that I could say the war didn't change me.
I wish you knew how it feels, I wish I could let you inside, so you could see,
What PTSD has done to me.
My whole out look on life has changed, it is hard to see things any different, than the way I do,
But trust me I would like to.
I am still in a battle,every day I struggle just to make it through the day,
Every night I fight the nightmares and flash backs that never go away.
You will never know how naked I feel with out my gun,
Or wonder if God will forgive me for the shots I fired, or how I was changed by every single one.
I love being a soldier I do not regret the choice I made,
But sometimes it just don't seem worth the price I am paying,  the price I have paid.
I am a soldier and I will always be,
I am so much more than my PTSD. 
I know I am broken, but I am not beyond repair, keep looking I am in their some were.

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