It's not that I wanted to go, it is  just couldn't give me a reason to stay,
And just so you know it was not easy to walk away. 
It hurts me more than you will ever know,
But I'll be damned if my pride will let it show.
You will never see the tears I cry.
You will never know how many times I asked God why.
And even though I wanted to stay.
Deep down I know it's better this way.
If my love alone could have saved us it would not have ended this way.
But you could not give me what I needed, it was my fault for believing in something that could never be,
So this is the price I pay.
I kept hoping you would change your mind,
Kept believing it would be different this time.
It's not that I don't love you.
I think it is because I do,
But my heart just can't be hurt anymore by you. 
Please don't hate me for leaving, we both know why I had to,
We both know your not good for me, and I am not good for you.
We both know it's true,
But please know just because I walked away don't mean my feelings changed for you.
It don't mean that I won't miss you,
It just means I have spent to many nights crying over you.
I will always love you with all of my heart,
But we can't be together,
So we must learn to live apart.
Don't worry about me I will be just fine,
The memories we made will last me a life time.
The funny, the serious, the special, the good and the bad,
I am thankful for them all,
During the time we had.
I want you to know I will miss you,
And I hope some days, when you think about me, you miss me too.
But if you don't that's ok,
A lot  of people come into your life, but not everyone is ment to stay.
© Wanda Faith Danielle Eitzmann

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