I don't have it in me to put up another fight,
In the end does it really matter who was wrong and who was right?
We have been fighting for so long I am not even sure what we are fighting for,
But it don't seem to be worth the battle anymore.
We are both to stubborn to give in,
But in the end I know neither side is going to win.
We can't take back the nasty words that were spoken,
And sometimes you just can't fix what is broken.
I just don't have it in me to try,
And you can't take back the tears I have cried.
I can't make you love me I know I have tried,
And you can't take back the lies you have lied.
I blame you, and you blame me,
Both of us to blinded by the Forest to see the trees.
It is easier to blame each other than it is to accept the blame,
Easier to walk away than it is to deal with the pain.
It was easier to stick by his side,
Than it was to hurt your pride.
It was easier to turn a blind eye, than it was to see,
How bad you both hurt me.
Don't get me wrong I blame him, but I blame you more,
For all the memories  you conveniently don't remember and more.
I blame you for not leaving him, and I blame you for being weak,
You stayed with the man who hurt me,
Because you were not strong enough to stand on your own two feet.
I blame you for not  being there for me when I really needed you,
I blame you for convincing me to hide the truth.
I blame you for not thinking he was wrong in all this,
I blame you for protecting him but not your kids.
I blame you for telling my brothers it was my fault,
I was a child, he was an adult.
I blame you because when the court said he could not live in the same house as me, you packed up my brothers moved out of our house and left me,
I was only 14.
You was more worried about yourself than you was about me. 
I was scared and alone, did not even have phone, how could you do that to me?
I blame you because you are a sorry excuse of a
" mother" .
Who would have been better off to never have had me and my brothers.
I have always felt unloved, unwanted, and unprotected and it is not fair,
Always felt like you never wanted us there.
I blame you for the hell I called home,
I blame you because even when I am surround by people I fell alone. 
I blame you because you let me down,
You stood by and watched him beat me to the ground. 
I blame you because my life turned out this way,
I blame you because even though you could have, I was the one you would not save.
I blame you because far to many times you looked the other way,
I blame you because when you should have, you refused to walk away. 
I blame you for the reason I don't trust,
I blame you because of the way you and him physically abused all 5 of us.
I blame you for the shape we are all in,
I blame you because if given the opportunity you you hurt me all over agaIn.
I find it funny that you want to go around asking what I say about you,
The funny thing about it is if you would ask me I would be glad to tell you.
I would not say anything behind you back I would not say to you,
Mom I blame YOU!!!!!
And if the truth be told I think you are just as sick as he is,
How in the hell do you sleep with the man that molested one of your kids? 
So go ahead and ask me how I feel, I would be glad to tell you the truth I blame you.
I hope one day you will see the truth,
And that is I have every right to blame you.
© Wanda Faith Danielle Eitzmann

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