some day you will see

Some day you are going to wake up, you will finally see,
That the one you hurt in the long one was you not me.
Yes you hurt me But end the greatest pain was yours not mine,
You can't make up for all this lost time.
You can't take back all the tears that fell from my eyes,
You can't fix what was broken with all your lies.
You can't undo the damage you have done,
You can't make up for the hurt you caused my sons.
You can go to bed with your lies,
But someday you will wake up to the truth.
When you have to look back on your life I wonder what you will see,
Will you finally accept you wasn't there for me?
Remember when I told you that you would never see my kids again, even after all this time, you can believe what I said is still true,
It's sad when you think about it, but they want nothing to do with you.
You think that I am the reason, and think what you will its fine,
But this is their choice not mine.
They think it is messed up that you no longer love me,
But I don't believe you ever did,
Can you please explain how you turn your back on your kid? 
They hardly ever speak your name, 
And when they do its just not the same.
It makes me mad you could cause us so much pain,
I had really hoped that you could be a better grandmother to them, than you were mother to me,
I had hoped they would never know the pain that you caused me.
But you only know how to cause pain,
And really it is a shame.
Why bring a child into this world you never really knew how to love? 
But you did it to all 5 of us.
What did us kids ever do to be treated this way? 
What crime did we commit,
Why us this the price we have to pay? 
I feel sorry for me and my brothers,
We got stuck with someone who had no idea how to be a mother.
If you stop and think about how little we all have to do with you,
You might come to finally see they feel the same way I do.

One day you will die, and don't worry I will not go to your funeral, I have no need to you are already dead to me,
It is easier than dealing with the fact you want nothing to do with my kids or me.

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