love hurts

hey say love hurts and I know that's true,
Because all my life I have been hurt by you.
But I keep coming back for more,
I lie to my self that this time will be different than all the times before. 
But it is always the same, 
Loving you only brings me pain,
Somethings never change. 
I know that you will never accept me and love me for me,
So I finally quit living on yesterday's dreams.
I used to believe that I need you, but guess what I don't.
You probably think I will give in and come back for more but I won't. 
It has taken me far to long to see,
Just because I love you, don't mean I have to let you keep hurting me.
Maybe it is we are to much alike, maybe it is because we are not.
Maybe it is all the painful things I remember but somehow you forgot.
Maybe I let you down, did not stack up to all that you wanted me to be,
Maybe it is just because I am me.
I will probably never know the reason why,
And it hurts I am not going to lie.
But I am so tired of fighting to keep people in my life that don't want to be,
Tired of trying to figure out why my family can't love me.
I am tired of crying myself to sleep because I miss you, because I know you don't miss me,
Tired of trying to figure out why when you look at me hatred and resentment is all you see.
Tired of being pushed away,
So tired if this game we play.
I am sorry that it has come to this,
But I deserve better and so do my kids.
And don't blame me because they want nothing to do with you, 
They are tired of being hurt too.
In the end I will walk away  with my head held high, in spite of all you have but me through, 
And for that mom I  think you.
© Wanda Faith Danielle Eitzmann

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