you say

You told say I am heartless but I did not used to be, 
But then again that was before life happened to me.
You say I no longer smile, 
But I have not had a reason to for quite a while. 
You tell me you have notr heard me laugh for a long time, 
But it's hard to when I am so busy trying to convince the world I am fine.
You never see me cry, because I only cry when everyone is asleep, 
I will be damned if I let any one think I am weak.
You tell me you miss who I was before, 
But I am not even sure I know who I used to be any more. 
You tell me that my eyes no longer shine, the fire in me had died. 
But I don't know how to bring it back trust me I have tried. 
You tell me I never open up to you,
But honestly I have forgotten how to.
You tell me that you miss the old me  and I am  sure that's true,
But you can't miss me any more than I do.
You tell me to let my walls down, let someone in,
But I built them to high to strong, 
I will never be hurt that bad again. 
You tell me to share my thoughts, my feelings, my pain, but I won't let anyone inside, 
I can't, I am to full of pride
You say I can trust you,
But I learned the hard way you can't trust anyone,
It only takes one person to make your whole world come undone.
See the people that are supposed to love you will always hurt you the most,
That is why I choose not to let anyone one get close.
So you can be my North star,
And light up my world, but only if you do it from afar.
I wish I could let you come closer, but that is a risk I just can't take,
My heart has been so broken there is nothing left to break.

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