I know it is late

I know it's late and I am sorry but I just had to hear your voice 
Tonight I am really missing you and I am lonely I didn't have a choice 
I know we haven't talked since God knows when
But I needed you to know I still think about you every now and then 
You know I still wonder if I had to do it all over would it have ended another way 
Why did you did not stop me when I walked away
I don't understand why you had nothing to say
If you could do it over you would ask me to stay
I gave you everything I had,  gave you all of me
Can you tell me why that was not good enough 
Why I couldn't make you happy 
Do you know when you lost me you lost the best thing you never really had,
Do you realize you taught me love should not hurt this bad
I know that you are busy so I'll let you you go 
But before you do there is something you have to know
I hope you think about me from time to time 
And I hope that I haunt your dreams, just like you do mine
And if I had to do it all over again I would never fall for you
Because I know all to well I would never get over you
Because so many years ago I told you I would love you for ever and it still true
I never learn how to stop loving you 
I hope you miss me every time you hear my name 
And when you think about how bad you hurt me
I hope you can feel just a little bit of my pain 
And I hate that you have this hold on me
But most of all I hate you changed who I used to be
I want you give me back the heart you stole 
I long to be made  whole
You had no right to take it
Because we both know all you could ever do with my heart was break it
But in the end you made me stronger than I ever thought I could be
And I finally learned how to love me

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