You are just a memory from along time ago
A constant reminder of all I didn't know
My heart paid the price because I was to blind to see
I gave you my love, my time, my dreams, my all,
I don't think I will ever understand why you could not love me
Night time has all ways been the hardest, it is when I miss you the most
Your memory haunts me like a ghost 
I never knew that I would never get over you
Or that every man I ever met I compared to you
I never knew you would leave a lasting wound that would never heal
I guess I always knew time would not change the way I feel 
I never knew you never loved me, 
or that even after all these years, from your memory I would never break free
I never knew that I would never love any one as much as I love you
I never let anyone get get that close to me, not after the hell you put me through I never knew how I would long to hear your voice
Or learn to accept that leaving North Carolina and you was my only choice
I never knew I could lose count of the tears, 
I have cried far to many over the years
Some might say that I am heart less and it is true because I know were my heart is at 
I wish when I left North Carolina I asked you to give my heart back
I hate that you still have this hold over me
I know it is a hold to which I will never break free
I wish I did not care so much for some one that will never love me
Some times I wish I could tell you what you meant to me
Maybe I just need closer I never felt I got with you.
Maybe you never learn how to let go of someone that means so much to you.

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