I wish I had known you were leaving

I wish I would have known you were leaving 
I wonder if I real had the chance to say goodbye 
then maybe 11 years later I wouldn't   still be grieving 
had I known there were no more tomorrow's 
maybe I would not cry for yesterday 
I wish I could convince my self I could have done nothing more to make you stay
I used to believe that my broken heart would heal
but 11 years later I now know it never will 
it is still bittersweet to hear your name 
if God gave me the chance  to go back in time and do it over I would even though this time I would even though I know the outcome and I know the pain
I wish I could make my heart understand what my brain already knows
that I am not strong enough to let you go
even after 11yeard it still don't seem real
and I am not sure it ever will
for 11 years I have loved and missed you every single day
I carry a pain that will never go away the day you left my heart was broken in two 
and it can't be fixed because you took the other half of my heart to heaven with you
the only way to fix it would be for God to send you back
but I know, it don't work like that

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