the truth

They say the truth will set you free,
But that's not true for me.
Speaking the truth left me to carry the burden of someone else's sin,
I was the one that was hurt,
While every one blamed me, not him.
The truth left me hurt, scared, and  ashamed,
No child who has ever been hurt should feel this way.
The truth got him a slap on the wrist, and gave me life,
A life of nightmares and flashbacks and wounds that are very deep,
But the truth gave me freedom from a secret I could no longer keep.
The truth may have hurt you But trust and believe the lies hurt me more,
But this is not about keeping score.
I did not open my mouth to hurt you, it was so he would stop hurting me,
What part of that don't you understand, what part of that can you not see? 
Yes I blame you, you failed to protect me,
I hate that you still can't face the truth or acknowledged what he did to me.
This is not about you this is about me,
For far to long I was quiet but I refuse to be silent anymore,
And I could care less if it makes you mad at me.
Far to long I bit my tongue from things I wanted needed to say, because I was afraid to hurt you,
But I refuse to keep on hiding the truth.
I am sorry if the truth makes you mad,
Honestly that's to Damon bad.
I can't keep the truth hidden because it makes you sleep better at night,
It is not fair to me it is way past time for the ugly truth to come to light.
I will no longer keep my pain inside, 
Because it is better for your pride.
I will not hide my pain,
Just so you have no guilt,so you can tell yourself you did nothing wrong, 
I did that for far to long.
It's NOT my fault, I was a child he was a grown man,
So why do you blame me? Please help me understand.
I don't understand how you could stay by his side after what he done to me,
Why because heaven forbid people might not  think we were a happy family? 
How did you lay down with him every night,
Picking a man over your kids just ain't right.
The truth is I am stronger than you could ever be,
Maybe that's why you hate me.
The truth is I have forgiven you, But I will not forget,
And you push me away because it lessens your regret.
I hope some day the truth will set you free,
But when it does don't come crying to me.
Because the truth is you can't hurt me anymore,
I am not the scared little girl I was before.
I am a woman who learned to stand on my own to feet, the hard way because you never found the time to be there for me.
The truth is by the time you see the truth it will already be to late,
To much time has past, the hurt was to great.
The truth is you burned that bridge along time ago,
Just so you know.
© Wanda Faith Danielle Eitzmann 

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