happy 11th birthday angel baby

Happy 11th  Birthday Houston JaeDan

Houston JaeDan 11 years ago you earned your wings and flew away
In the last 11 year there has not been a day that I have not missed you 
There has not been a day that I have not wondered about you
I can't believe that you have been gone this long
But then again I still have a hard time believing you're gone
For 11 years son I have been trying to fix my broken heart, but it just won't heal
11 years later am finally realising it never will
11 years of crying more tears than I am proud of
But I know without a shadow of doubt tears are liquid love
I know that today Jesus will hold you on his knee
When Jesus you happy birthday could you ask him to kiss you once for daddy, Austin, Dallas and once for me
I know that in heaven you have the best birthday party's because everyone that has went be for us is there
And Houston I wish I could tell you how much I love and miss you, I wish I could hold you,
But then again no one ever said life was fair
Today we will go see you and leave a cupcake on your grave and like every other year we will sing Happy birthday to you
Just so you know we have not forgotten you 

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