Happy 11th birthday in heaven Houston JaeDan

there is an angel in heaven who watches over me 
he became an angel November 13th 2003
I am blessed because he is mine
even if I only had him for such a short time 
some times you know people for life 
others are just passing through 
but I know that I am a better person for the 5 months I carried you
you taught me so much while you were here
but you have taught me so much more with every passing year
you taught me sometimes no matter how much it hurts you have to let go
and sometimes you can't stop the tears that flow 
you taught me no matter how hard it is you have to stay strong 
and you are forever changed when someone you love is gone
you taught me every year on your birthday I will break down and cry
and every year I tell myself this year I won't know good and well it's a lie
you taught me that broken hearts keep beating I don't know how but they do
my heart shattered the day I lost you
you taught me that no one will ever miss you like I do
because I am your mother all alone I gave birth to you
you taught me so much and I am grateful 
to get to call you my son I am eternally thankful 
but little Angel todayi need you to send me some extra love as you watch over me 
because as you know today is your birthday 
and I hate November 13th
and please know as I sit by your grave and sing Happy Birthday to you 
mommy loves and misses you

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