In Lloving Memory Of Rosa Marie Reedy

Mama was loved by many and it is proven here today,
and my tears are just my way of showing her, 
When I can't find the right words to say.
It doesn't take blood to make a family we were all Mamas kids,
and even when we felt like our family did not love us,
We always knew Mama did.
Even when it hurt Mama smiled inspite of the pain
and because I was blessed to know her
My life will never be the same
She taught us to love love unconditionally 
and in so doing, made me a better me.
with a smile and a wave and a hug,
Mama shared God's love.
Even though we has not ready to let you go,

We just wanted to tell you thanks for everything you, 

Did for us and we love you so much but I know you already know.

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