Your Due Date

Today is your due date,
And l the broken dreams  what could have been,
And it at it hurts just as bad even aftper all these years as it did back then.
I grieve for all that will never be,
I hurt for you, and I hurt for me.
Today on your due day,
I ask God once again why you could not stay.
I hurt for all the things I never got to tell you,
I cry because I never got tol know you.
Today I am thankful you were mine if only for a while, 
It kills me I never heard you cry, or laugh, tell me that you loved me, I never got to see your smile.
Today on your due date I know people will think that it will get easier but it won't, 
Or that time heals the wounds,  but it don't.
To day on your due date,
I will go to the cemetery sit and cry and talk to you,
I will long to hold you in my arms and tell you,
I love and miss you. 
Today on your due date,
Today I will look up at the sky and wonder how far away heaven is, and smile because I know you are watching over me,
And I will whisper a pray to heaven,  and thank God he blessed me,
With my angel baby.
Today on your due date,
I will remind myself tears are liquid love,
And it is ok to cry if I need too,
And know my life is better because I was blessed with you. 
And maybe I am letting go of a little pain with the tears that fall from my eyes,
Today on your due date I remember I will hold you in my arms again some day.
Today on your due date, 
I will remind myself. 
Past the clouds beyond were my eyes can see,
Is one of the best things that has ever happen to me.
Today was your due date,
But that was before God needed you more and you slipped away.
© Wanda Faith Danielle Eitzmann 

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