those among us

There are some that even though they made it home,
Thier minds never left the war zone.
They are still fighting for thier lives,
In thier dreams they still fight nightmare every night. 
They drunk or do drugs to numb the pain,
Because of PTSD they will never be the same.
They are still haunted by the decisions that were made, it was out of thier hands,
Pull away from them that love them most because they can't make them understand. 
They still blame themselves for the ones the could not save,
More times than not feel anything but brave.
There are so many around us dealing with scars you can't see,
They fought for their country,  
and was repaid with PTSD.
You can take a solider out of the military, but you can't take the military out of them,
There are those among us who even if they knew they would get PTSD and yet would sign up all over again.
There are those among us that fight to keep us free,
Fight for those who will never understand thier PTSD. 
There are those among us that are drowning the memories that just won't leave them alone, with a bottle of something strong,
Fighting a battle they have been fighting for so long. 
Far to many all around us are fighting for thier lives, fighting an enemy they can't see,
Fighting to escape the clutches of PTSD.
Far to many people among us, are waiting to be set free from the PTSD,
There are who want more than anyone else,
To be who they used to be.
There are those among us who are held captive by a evil ruthless terrorist, 
Who goes by the name of PTSD, 
This kind of terrorist is the hardest one to beat,
It could attack at any moment,
With little or no warning. 
Some may say that  hero's are the ones who died defending their country, 
But I think the true heroes are the ones fighting each and every day of their lives still fighting PTSD. 
There are those among us who put that uniform on but never took it off,
So for them the war never stopped. 
Please remember these brave soldiers in your prayers each and everyday,
Because there are far to many of these military people who kill themselves every day.
Far to many among us see no hope, 
Far to many feel like they have no idea how to cope.
Far to many around us are trying their best everyday just to get by,
They have forgotten how to live, but are not sure why.
Far to many go off to fight for their country, 
And are forever changed into someone they never wanted to be,
Far to many among us, will never get the help that they need, thier lives are destroyed by a terrorist known as PTSD.
© Wanda Faith Danielle Eitzmann 

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