when we were kids

Some days I miss being a kid,
I wish I could go back to how things used to be,
Back when my four brothers and I were playing baseball in the front yard,
Playing in and under that old tree.
Playing hide and go seek,
Roller skating down our street.
Red mud fights, playing in the rain, 
But I don't think about my childhood much, it brings back to much pain.
We grew up, started families, so much has changed.
My heart brakes every time I think about how we are now, what made us end up like this? 
There is so much about my brothers i miss.
I have not talked to them in so long I wonder if I even remember the sound of their voice any more,
I hate that we will never be close again,  not like before. 
My brothers kids don't even know who I am, in fact they have only seen me a couple if times,
But that's what happens when you are pushed out of other people's lives.
My brothers want nothing to do with my kids, just because they want nothing to do with me. 
They are missing out on how wonderful my kids are, this is not at all how I thought my life would be.
My kids where named after my brothers, and they don't even know who they are,
How have we drifted so far apart?

I wish we could go back to when we were kids at play,

I missed you yesterday, I miss you today.

I remember swimming in the river.

do you remember?

Riding our bikes down that old dirt road.

The one we named devils back bone.

Do you remember how much fun we had when were where small?

Playing in the piles of leaves every fall.

We alwayd found trouble to get in to.

Do you know how much I miss you?

I miss us being kids,

I don't know when it changed but somehow it did.

I remember begging mom not to have to go inside,

And how we could never find our oldest brother when ever he would hide.

I remember playing with all the neighboor hood kids,

And all the fun things we did.

I loved you all like no other,

so if you happen to see this know I miss my brothers.

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