just because I miss you

You shouldn't wonder if I miss you,
You know good and well I do,
But you also know I won't break down and call you,
I know no matter how hard I try I can't make you happy, 
For what ever the reason I can't make you love me.
I no longer have it in me to try,
And for what ever the reason I can't tell you why.
If you text me I won't text you back,
I am tired of playing this game where no one wins, yeah I am done with that.
This is slowly killing me But you will never know,
I am hurting but I won't let it show.
My love is right in front of you, But you're to blind to see,
But for what ever the reason, I am not what you need.
Every time I am tempted to pick up the phone to call,
I have to remind myself you can lead a heart to love, but you can't make it fall.
Don't think I am going to drop every thing and run to you,
Just because I used to.
You will forever hold a piece of my heart I can't get back,
Even if I wanted to, love don't work like that.
I makes me mad that it took me so long to see,
That for what ever the reason your happily ever after don't include me.
I know that I foolishly gave you my heart, 
But it was not given to you, just so that you could rip it apart. 
You tried your hardest to push me away,
And you finally did, so I guess for what ever the reason it is better this way.
I will cry tears you will never see,
So you won't think I am weak.
And when your mind goes quiet and you think about me,
Remember I walked away so we both could be happy. And please know when I told you that I loved you it was true,
But for what ever the reason it was just not enough for you.
And just because I miss you,
Don't mean I need you.

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