It is hard to feel physically but not emotionally strong,
It it not easy to pin point were it all went wrong. 
All I know is I did two tours in Iraq,
And I am one of the unfortunate ones who is still alive, but never made it back.
I was fresh out of high school never been on my own, 
And my country needed me in a war zone. 
I lived on a world were death was only a bullet or a land mine away,
I flirted with death every day. 
I seen things that no person would ever want to see,
I woke up every day to question if today it would be me. 
I seen my issued flag every day, it was hard to over look it,
I spent many a night wondering if it would adorn my casket. 
It was in Iraq I first had trouble finding sleep, 
It is hard to get a good nights sleep, when the was was raging on all around me.
It was in Iraq I started to question myself for the people that I knew who died in the war,
I still ask myself if I could have done more.
Most will never understand the guilt I feel,
And if you are never been in a war zone you never will. 
I never know when I stepped of that plane,
Life as I knew it would never be the same.
When I was in Iraq some one, or some thing stole me,
And I was replaced with PTSD. 
I went to fight for a mostly ungrateful country,
To fight for people who could care less about me.
They will never understand the price that we have all  paid,
And far to many of us still pay.
I am fighting with demons each and every day,
For country who is throwing our rights and freedoms away. 
I was fighting for their right to stomp in my American flag in protests,
People are quick to forget how good we have it,  and to be an American means we are very blessed.

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