I may never know all the thoughts Jesus was thinking as he hung on the cross for all to see.
And I know it was not easy for him to l lay down his life for you and me.
And I know is death was painful, he was mocked and beaten and abused and I know at any time he have called angels down from heaven, but he stayed and died for you and me,
So that we could be with him in heaven eternally.
Even as he hung dying he said father forgive them they know not what they do.
It was not the nails that kept him on the cross,
But his love for me and you.
Jesus did not hang on that cross because he had to,
He hung on that cross to show the world his love for me and you.
Thank you Jesus for hanging on that cross for me, 
I am a sinner like every one else, I am unworthy. 
I am greatful for the price you paid on the cross, my slate has been wiped clean,
Thanks to God's perfect lamb who shed his blood I have been set free.
© Wanda Faith Danielle Eitzmann

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