Someone I thought cared

2005 poems

I use to think you cared,

But I guess it was all pretend.

A way to say Im sorry,

And that was the end.

There was nothing ever there,

You just felt sorry for me.

But I dont need a whore like you,

To even attempt at pretending to care.

You played the game well,

Got everything you wanted.

You won my love,

Then you got bored.

I finally figured you out,

You just want attention,

And when someone gives you to much,

You get sick of them and stop pretending.

Well Im just writing you a little note,

To say Fuck You too.

I want you out of my life forever,

And die a slow death its what a whore deserves.

So just a little note,

I dont need you,

I never have, but you needed me.

You needed someone to hurt and get away with it.

You cant get away with it anymore,

And it pisses you off.

Find a new pray asshole,

We're over.

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