Heart and Eye


Yet able to move

Staring out

Waiting for a sign

Life's not a road map

Even with it's many turn offs

There is no one destination

Except for death

How to take the right

How to take the bad

Is this all human?

Or craziness defined

What is normal

Why is it expected

Life is random

Why not love

What do hearts ever say

Why are people inclined to listen

Are you sure it's real

Hearts don't feel

Chemical reactions

States of being

Allow them in

Allow them to break

Necessary advance

But turns into retreat

Don't let them in

You won't ever break

Hearts feel what eyes cannot

But eyes so tell their own

Gateways to the soul

Our tellers of truth

Tell your soul no more

Close your eyes and rest

Go home to your soul

And stay

Author's Notes/Comments: 

2010....thoughts on love and why everyone seems to let it rule their life

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