The Business Man

The Business Man


I always said that when I grew up I was going to be rich. I made my life goal to become rich, so that I could have many houses, could travel all around the world, give my lovely wife everything she desires, give my kids everything thing the world can offer just as I wanted when I was a child. I pushed those useless friends that could never help me become better, you know those that you have a great time with but you know they have no future, instead of making friends I made connections. I said to myself “I don’t need friends, they will only hold me back”. No friend’s means no going out in the weekend, not going out meant more time for me to concentrate in getting smarter and more importantly safe money.

Soon I had perfect grades and even more had started investing in the stock market. I had a rough start but that just made me more dedicated. In less than a year I was gaining a fair amount of money. I was accepted in about every Ivy League university, I was already able to pay most of my education in Harvard business school. Meanwhile in Harvard I made many connections but my real work was when I started my business, I still had many investments that where providing more than enough to pay for my education.

               By the time I graduated I had made my dream come true, I was a wealthy man. I had many stocks that were flying through the scales, I had sold more than one invention to the top electronics company, I had made a business that had already more than 8 location in the country and had many lands worth a lot of money. One day I was in my new Lamborghini and met a beautiful girl on the beach and married her the next year. I was as rich as I had ever dreamed, but being rich had it down side, I was always working and I told myself that “I loved working” and I did. One day I went to my old man’s house to tell them that I had bought a house for them. My mom started crying, I thought it was of happiness but I then saw it was something else.

Mom what’s wrong?

 You have waisted your life son.

What do you mean I am as rich as you could ask, I have many houses and cars and the most beautiful wife.

What use is having many houses if the only people that live in them is you and the gold digger you call wife. What use is having money if you can’t use it to make real friends? You always wanted to travel the world.

I’m always going to china and many other places.

You go for your business not for yourself.

What can I do, I own one of the biggest companies in the world?


No son, the company owns you.

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