Transcending Chapters

Like the spiraling pages of a novel

Time is transcending prophecies

Bleeding the ashes of the unknown

An enigmatic revelation never known

Losing ourselves in the cadence

Living in the mind of shackles

Our footprints mark time

As we follow the drumless beat

Shrouded like a quiet masquerade

Every minute from this minute now

The chapters will cascade

Like a relentless waterfall

Imbued with wormholes and riptides

seasons break fires end

scorching pages to mend

scorned by frostbite and hellfire

Insights render interlude in repetition

Radiating whispers in the wind

Carrying liberation to the restless

Seeding the gust to our cyclones

Eradicating the lust of our thrones

Keep you eyes open

The last song

The last request

A final chapter laid to rest









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