The Beauty You Are

The beauty you are,

is as vibrant of a rose blossoming

on the first day of spring,

I've seen is from day one and

always will.

why won't you see

the beauty you are,

I say it,

I show it ,

for you're the most beautiful man

I've ever loved like this


The Beauty you are,

is who you are

not if you have a scare

thin or big,

small or stall,

hairy or balled,

the Beauty you are is,

what you make you're self into

and not what is dumped on you.

Baby you're Beautiful,

I love who you are

sexy, smart ,funny and you have a True Heart

the most important thing of all

I hope you come to see

The Beauty You Really are

for you're a rare kind to find


Author's Notes/Comments: 

I love you Baby

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