Tear's of the past

Life goes on

Tears from the past are coming out

From all escapes,

Dreams from the past are hurting me,

Never releasing them then

Now it burns me thin

With you here I can

 See things clear

But tears from the past

Are crawling away

Hey, look it is a new day

Leaving new tears to come

Into my life from you

Happy sad whatever they

Maybe at least they

Will be full of ecstasy

Tears from the past

 Have to be

They keep me from losing my sanity

However, the pain of them is strong

feeling them in my dreams are so real

However, not true

I wake to find I still

Have you

Tell me to go ahead my life is

In the works now, it is time to play

With you and live my way

Happy and free

With you forever I will be 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

happy but still feel the pain from the past

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