just write

heart broken

I still going loving you even without

We both did go about

All the hurt and pain

Never knowing what we would not Gain

 I still miss you and would love to chat

Not by wire cause, I cannot hear your voice

It so sweet I will want to run to your feet

We always do this why we do not really know

But it seems to work and keeps us strong

We need to do what is best for now

To have a future filled with joy

And if we meet or stay near

I hope I can share the future

With you so dear

I wish we could keep

It quiet and long distance

Till we get our lives

Worked out

We did not even talk still not knowing

Why we fell

Loving you was my life I wanted it to be

The first thing I did and last thing at night

Every day and hold you tight it was you

 My loving soul mate Doug I do not want to wait

I had a great taste of you and your sweet darkened love

I want it for life and on it is a love not like any kind

No one understands it not even you but

 Understand it I really do

i want to be with

 You day and night and all in between

 for you i am quarantine

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