You took my heart to the limit

Life goes on

This heart has reached a limit

Broken several times before,

 This is the most it can take

Also give

To one not true

 My Hearts limit is forever

At guard filled with so many scares,

Lies words and  

Mental thoughts,

  You took my heart,

And stomped it raw

Shredded it with your sharpened claw

 What you did will never go away

Until you feel this way, but

 It must depart you will never

Know how fucked

You left this heart.

  til death & beyond

It’s time for me to move on,

Learn to heal from all

 Taking it all the best I can


I can love again

If I can, I will be aware

Of all the hurt and despair,

 Love limits have been set

To all who dare

It’s not their fault but of

 One from the past,

 He is nothing now

 Yet I know

But still at guard stands bold

Cause I am scared

That it will be just a game

Just to leave me

Tattered and deranged



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