A day so great

Life goes on



A day so great is been so long

I cannot remember the last time I had one.

Working laughing and meeting new people

It was incredible just letting go.

New opportunities are on the way

Because of a day so great,

My life falling out of control

Is finely changing from just one day,

All things come and go even love

But you have to let go,

For you will never know what has to come.

A day so great I cannot believe,

What is really happening?

My own place is soon to be

A job of my expertise.

I am going to live my life the way it should be

Free from all the insanity 

That you bring no more wondering

If your true or will he stay

I am better off this way

A day so great it was the best

For giving me, hope.

And a life full of happiness


Author's Notes/Comments: 

you never know what to expect in just one day

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