shelf to shelf

lonesome time's

Shelf to shelf

 I move you around never,

Keeping you on solid


Shelf to shelf

Now to the wall,

I cannot make up my mind,

 Here to there

 I seem to move you,

I cannot just let you be.

From the shelf to the wall

 Now here you go

To the desk so small

From the desk so small

To the night stand,

Is where you will stay

 So I think.

Not today so it seems

Back to the shelf

And then the next,

Won’t keep you still

Why are you so beautiful?

I want to see you all day,

I had better leave it

  Before it gets tore. I know what to do

Why not hang them all up

Therefore, I can see you with every turn,

And each step,

Continue all day with a smile and,

At night, 

 I feel safe because you are in,

My sight


Author's Notes/Comments: 

keeping pictures for the mean time

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