Did I tell you

I worked with a



hyperactive fellow.


Who was in


a band

and loved to play classical music.


He was diagnosed with ADHD

or something similar to that

at a tender age.


There was no comment

about a humane solution

to channel his excess energy into


The Arts

creative things of sorts.


Before given a Ritalin prescription,

cause and effect

should be determined.


Before collecting a check

from multinational Biotechs.


Again cause and effect should be determined,

before affecting a Ritalin solution

from the pharmaceutical factories.


When one cage

a promising young healthy animal

full of excessive vitality.

It will exhibit similar traits of ADHD.


So here it stands

a question writing itself

in the palm of your hand.


Is hyperactivity

the effect of imprisoning ones child

in the prime of his life?


Without the healing sunshine

in a six walled hell

of concrete and cinder blocks,

starved of love,

and exposed to the dreaded hot cold?


With only a forty inch

flat psychedelic screen

to over exercise his tiny eyes

in sacrifice of his

large mind


and soul?


To feed a child’s primal desires,

and teach him to rely on basic instincts?


What is now out of control

you seek to induce control

byway of Ritalin?


Welcome to the dawn

of the modern electronic babysitter,

which is far from complete,

and not very cheap.



is suppose to replace

warm loving Grandparents,

who come free and cheap.


While Grandma and Grandpa

are rotting in the so loved nursing home

as modern cash commodity Cows.



is the hyperactivity

the effect of parental and social failures?

The aforesaid matter

should be determined false or true

before he was given a Ritalin solution?



the antecedent

of the same phantom brain beast

causing synaptic anomalies we create,

and the psychiatrist seem to

pin the blame

of our civilization’s wretched sins,

on the same damn thing?


Who themselves suffered a similar fate

of being raised in a cold black steel

and concrete pen.

I remember someone said;

“Remove the beam from ones own eye;

so one could see clearly

to remove the speck from another's eye.”


Cause and effect

contain the answers we seek

which we buried in our timely keep.


His only crime

was wanting to do time

in service of his country.


As it may seem

it was his only dream.

As he stands

to be a man in the Army.



because he took Ritalin

they would not let him in.

He was barred without a cause

of his own making.


His reasons were noble,

and his ideals was grand,

but they would not trust him,

with a gun in his hand.


As strange as it may seem

he confided in me

some facts of the aforesaid theme.


without a doubt

Ritalin was the reason

he could not serve Her Majesty the Queen

in his chosen season.


There was something about

being unbalanced no doubt,

and possible Ritalin induced

psychotic events.


Or some possible future psychosis,

who the hell knows

or ought to have known

what its’ all about

before making an uninformed choice

on the poor boy’s life.


Which make you say;

“Oh why?”

“Oh why?”

“Oh my!”


Like a silly little kid

playing in a living sandbox,

of circuits,


biological material,

and spiritual things

they have no understanding of.


Mixing chemicals like an alchemist,

snipping ganglions

cutting out



and thing-a-ma-jigs;


responsible for functions

we don’t really grasp

leaving holes in our brains,

dead circuits in their wake.

It is a wonder we funtion still.


One cannot escape their Ritalin pass

without the cost.


Maybe we should think about

the unholy things

we are feeding our children

and the mind altering things

we install in them.


Pavlov's classical conditioning,

is practically learned

through repetitive actions

for every time we feed

a rewarding miracle pill.


To the glorious end,

to be transformed

or be evolved

to the ultimate enlighten citizens.


Human salivating Pavlovian Dogs!


The choices we make

to enforce upon a young innocent mind

is the same initial choices that we find.


Destroying the owner’s

of the now insane brain,

even their wives

and also the offsprings they share.

Then squarely place the blame

on the same victims.


Is this progress?


Is this the herald

utopia of modern miracle drugs?


maybe just a dystopia?


Did someone check the water and food?

We are not all fools.


Let us be frank.


It is all about modern commodity controls!


Leegal Poet

Wayne Ferron

Wayne Ferron . All rights reserved @ copyright



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