I may live in a fantasy world, where everything ends up right to you 

But I struggle with it all myself to try to make it seem alright to you 
I bend over backwards and break at my seems to try to get a smile from you
But you snap back at me and say you live in a dumb fantasy world 
I may like to think that in the end it's okay but that because I'm willing to fight 
I know what it takes to get home at the end of every night 
That's something that can't be said about you because you jump to someone else's flight 
But you tell me it's just a big dumb fantasy world with no life 
I may never leave you and you will always hurts me 
I don't want to resent you for things you have done 
But my fantasy world doesn't have these fights , yours and mine 
I'd much rather live in a big dumb fantasy world 
Author's Notes/Comments: 

first time sharing any work , and I was just in a fight wanted to post up what took me 10 min to write 

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