Till It Breaks

Till It Breaks

By Muriel Palanca

My merciful demon, my weakness, my strength,

Like angels I’ll fall into your treacherous eyes.

This crippling fear that crumbles my conscience,

So guilty of trusting when heavens a lie.

I’m dying so slowly in a pitiful longing

When all that I want is nothing more than this

An honest betrayal is all that I’m asking,

If moments this precious could never exist.

I’d never come up for air if I could

Because I feel most alive when I’m drowning in you.

But still I keep pushing and try to deny it,

Though you’ve become everything I don’t want to lose.

I wish I could say all the words kept in silence,

But I’m breathless, defenseless when you’re so dangerously close.

This secret I’ll keep in a place you can’t see,

Because the darkness inside always shows.

I’m so sick of waiting as a slave to your voice,

Like a message in a bottle you sent out to sea.

I think that I’m falling into the deep end,

But before I can crash, once again you save me.

I thought being empty could spare me from hurting,

But letting you in could be my best mistake.

With fragile integrity, I give you my heart,

To hold in your fingers and squeeze till it breaks.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

this is for my boyfriend ZAC. i'm still afraid to really care for him...

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