the ugly midwest again

god is whistling

a happy little tune

it is raining

here we are again baby

driving across the ugly heartland

of this country

facing down corn and cattle

staring into the eyes of nothingness

and country music stations

jamming up clear waves

love by the two-way

your kiss a pail of cold water

dumped over my head and

down the front of my shirt

you hold me just right

at the pit stops

the embrace that only a man

who really knows you can

make you feel

sparks don't fly

it's just that really comfortable fiercely perfect love


i already know you don't like your belly button touched

i know the spot on your very lower back

that always hurts

that i dig into with my small fingers

just the right way

i know you hate instant coffee

and you love it strong strong strong

usually black but sometimes with cream sometimes with sugar

if it's the god-awful stuff

and with a morning cigarette if you can sneak one in

and i know so much more about you

than you ever want to start over teaching someone else

kind of love

there isn't wild gross passion

pda get a room kind of middle school stuff

just that touch that smile

that bury my nose in your shoulder

those arms wrapped around me

in the please don't make me get back in this truck

and drive another seventy miles without you embrace

he breaks away

with the tousle of my hair

another touch a last touch

and then my whole world

gets in the truck

and we are back to love on the two-way

and the thought of a cozy hotel room

one hundred and seventy three miles ahead

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